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Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help campers better prepare for their stay with Camp Heiwa:

Do I need a visa to visit Japan for camp?


As of Oct. 11, 2022, most travelers are once again eligible for the 90-day visa waiver agreement between their country/region and Japan. Campers must be from a 90-day visa-exempt country/region to apply to Camp Heiwa.

To see if your country is included in the list of 68 visa-exempt countries/regions please visit this link:


Do I need to be vaccinated for Covid-19 before coming to Japan? What is the quarantine procedure/travel requirements?



As of June 1, 2022, Covid-19 vaccination doses are no longer required for travel and entry into Japan.

As of April 29, 2023, travelers are no longer required to present documentation of triple-vaccination against Covid-19 and are no longer required to present a negative PCR Covid-19 test prior to departure to Japan.

Do I need any other immunization shots before coming to Japan?


No. Although, it is recommended that you have a hepatitis vaccine before your trip.

Do I need insurance?


YES! All campers are required to have international health coverage during their stay with us in Japan. Check to see if your insurance covers you while you are overseas (Japan). If not, you can get an inexpensive health insurance policy for the trip. Please contact us for assistance in acquiring short-term insurance coverage if you are unable to find coverage on your own. 


Will my cell phone work in Japan?


In most cases, no. Please check with your phone company if you are not sure. We suggest renting a pocket wifi or purchasing a SIM card either prior to, or upon arrival at the airport of arrival if this is important to you. We recommend downloading LINE and communicating with friends and family this way while in Japan (they will have to download it, too). It is a popular Japanese messaging app and works on wifi. 


Can I use my ATM card in Japan?


Most international ATM cards will work at Japanese post office ATM machines, and 7/11 convenience store ATM machines, but be sure to let your bank know your dates of travel prior to departure. Many banks refuse overseas withdrawals unless the customer has informed them beforehand. 


Do I need to know Japanese before I come?


It is not required, but learning and reviewing the basics is recommended.

Our camp curriculum has been fully prepared to work with all Japanese-Language proficiency levels.

Where does camp take place?


Camp Heiwa takes place in Nagasaki, Japan with each session running about 2 weeks. We operate at a variety of different public and private facilities and hotels depending on both the term and session. 

Our primary camp facility/hotel of operation are:

Hiyoshi Nature House


Station Hotel Nagasaki Suwa 

We rent camp facilities and hotels based on availability during each session. Nearby, alternative facilities and hotels may be used. Official camp locations will be disclosed to accepted applicants prior to each session. Lodging at camp facilities are camp bunk style with 8 to a room and hotel rooms during hotel stays may be reserved as either single or double occupancy for 1 or 2 campers per room. 

Can I bring a laptop computer/tablet/etc. device to camp?


You can, but we cannot guarantee internet access. You may be able to access wifi at local cafes, Starbucks locations, Nagasaki City Library, etc. You may want to bring an adapter if your chargers are 3-prong. 


Both of our primary facilities are likely to have internet access. 

*PLEASE be aware that you will be responsible for the safety of each computer/tablet/etc. device. We are not responsible for any lost and/or stolen items. 


What if I have tattoos?

That's okay! We believe that tattoos are becoming more widely accepted here in Japan, especially among the younger generations. Tattoos on foreigners is no surprise. However, it is highly likely that you will NOT be able to attend the onsen excursion with the rest of the team during camp. Despite this, we have had past participants on many of our other programs with tattoos that did not have a negative experience. 


What is the recommended dress for camp?


Very casual. Summers in Japan are HOT and HUMID so t-shirts and shorts are popular.

Fall can still be very hot in Japan but it often begins to cool down in early-to-late November. Pack in layers!

Winter in Nagasaki is cool and mild. Warmer dress in the Winter season is recommended. December and January can be very cold in Nagasaki and it may even snow! Dress in layers!


*See Weather & Packing

Please note that Japan, and especially Nagasaki, are still very conservative in the way that they dress. 

You will receive a camp t-shirt as well, so feel free to wear this on camp days! 

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